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Innovation of our own brands and Contract Manufacture for our industrial partners

Managing Director
With over 50 years’ experience in the formulation chemistry

OCO aims to be a leader in each of the businesses we serve. While reinforcing our bases – safety of our operations, quality of our products and high level of service to our customers – we continue developing new products to maintain the competitiveness and fuel the growth of our customers, as well as reducing the environmental print of our products and services.

We have available workshops and reactor capacities, so look forward further developing contract manufacturing services through establishing partnership with industrials which do not have such capabilities and are looking for alternatives to investment.

We dashed into an approach of Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) to integrate the societal stakes beyond the safety and beyond the environmental protection.

We want to be part of the industry of the future and continue to invest to acquire technologies and competencies to maintain our high level of performance and service which are a trademark of the French Industry, the “French Fab”.

Christian SIEST