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Diversified equipment, some of which can be dedicated

Our equipment can meet the specific technical data of our industrial partners.

Our technologies are :

  • High viscosity up to 500,000 mPas

  • Temperature up to 160°C (steam)

  • Pressure up to 5 bar

  • Rotation speed up to 1500 rpm

  • 26 production lines – some can be dedicated

  • Reactors from 1m3 to 35m3, most of them being ATEX

  • Stainless steel material – One 1000 l glass-lined reactor

  • Grinders : 3 ball mills


Industrial equipment services

  • Supply and storage of raw materials, including bulk liquids

  • We are entitled to the management of the bonded materials under the customs authority

  • Implementation of cleaning protocols

  • Dispersion and dissolution (incorporation of fillers in the form of powders, flakes, pellets...)

  • Emulsions and crystallization

  • Synthesis (polymerization, esterification)

  • Grinding (fillers, pigments and waxes)

  • Shredding (rubber)

Quality control

The laboratory has instruments for chemical, mechanical and physical measurements, such as :

  • PH measurement – density – titration – Karl Fisher

  • Rheology (Brookfield viscometers)

  • Gas chromatography

  • Infrared spectrometry

  • Laser particle size analizer (from 0.02µm up to 2000 µm)

  • Specific tests can be developed with the customer

Specific tests can be developed with the customer.


Packaging and custom storage

  • Packaging from 500 g to 1000 kg – possibility of bulk shipping

  • Storage of finished products

  • Inventory management in customer ERP

  • Control samples management

  • Transport chartering and direct shipment to your customers


Benefit of optimization and reformulation services

  • Change of a raw material in a formulation

  • Emulsification (anionic, cationic and nonionic emulsions)

  • Process optimization

  • Laboratory reactors from 5L, 50L to 400L