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Experience, research and development of specific products over several decades are the key stages in our full range of glass cold-end coating

Our 25 year-experience in the production lines, and the collaboration of our sales and R&D teams with the bottle producers have led to a complete range of cold-end coatings from long distance protection to temporary protection.

The POLYGLAS range meets the specific cold-end containers glass processing needs

Scratch protection & scuffing reduction

High tack power for labelling

Different slip angles

The application temperature varies between 75 ° C and 140 ° C

The surface tension can be greater than 40 dynes

Dilution with city water is possible up to a hardness of 40TH

Very good scratch resistance

The deposit on the glass surface is homogeneous

The POLYGLAS accepts temperature difference between the shoulder and the bottom of the bottle

Good adhesion of the glue (PSL, casein or starch) of the labels takes place on the treated surface even when filling in a humid environment