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Large portfolio of conventional water-based or solvent-based mold release agents for multiple applications and processes.

The key characteristics of release agents:

  • Excellent release properties on molded parts of complex shapes

  • No VOC emissions for water-based products

  • Low build-up/reduce mold fouling

  • Suitable for multiple types of spray equipment

  • Available as ready-to-use or concentrated (mainly far exportation use)


PU viscoelastic foams, HR foams, integral skin foams, RIM, all types of flexible PU rigid, elastomer, rubber, resin, composite, thermoplastic


Automotive, furniture, coatings, thermal insulation, aerospace, naval, buildings, die coating, die casting, thermoplastic and other industries

Dispersion / emulsion of waxes and derivatives for demolding parts from molding processes in :

  • Solvent base : wax or silicone in white spirit or isoparaffinic solvent
  • Water base
    • Without or with silicone according to the specifications
    • Our R&D team focus on replacement of solvent-based release agents by water-based release agents