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A wide range of glues for industrial or traditional staples

The assets of our range of glues for staples are their resistance during the production and transportation as well as an improvement in the efficiency thanks to a minimal weight of the glue and the fast drying speed.

This range is an answer to several needs : shine, filmogenic and economic ones. For example:

Wood varnish

an easy to touch up or to polish product (possibility for a mirror aspect)

Metal varnish

anti-corrosion function, filmogenic, stain

The POLYGRIP range :

  • Adhesives with very good adhesion to metal
  • Fast drying
  • Range of nitrocellulose-based adhesives for rigid surface
  • Range of rubber-based adhesives for soft surface
  • Bonding speed up to 40m / min
  • Weight of glue reduced per ton of metal
  • Durability of performance (adhesion, flexibility) after gluing
  • Excellent tear performance in the wood