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ORRION CHEMICALS ORGAFORM joins the « Coq Vert » community

The mission of the “Coq Vert” community is to create collective emulation in favour of ecological transition.

It offers its members a set of concrete tools to promote the exchange of good practices, highlight the initiatives carried out within its members and more generally accelerate their environmental and energy transition.


I confirm that I am a member of the “Coq Vert” community and commit to placing the following beliefs at the heart of my business strategy :

  • Limit climate change and restore biodiversity in order to preserve ecosystem services
  • Make the ecological transition a necessity for the sustainability of my business and an opportunity to create value and jobs that require changes in the way my business operates
  • Promote new technological and organizational solutions and innovations
  • Federate and mobilize communities of entrepreneurs locally and thus trigger their commitment to the ecological transition
  • Engage in the ecological transition of my company by transforming the economic model compatible with the objective of long-term carbon neutrality
  • Put in place a strategy that significantly contributes to the challenges of protecting and preserving biodiversity and ecosystems, transitioning to a circular economy, adapting to climate change, preventing pollution and sustainable use of natural resources